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Best Time Management Tips

Best Time Management Tips

It is interesting to know how to arrange all your things in a timely manner in light of your preoccupation between work and family and personal affairs at the same time, in contrast there are many who suffer from the irregular time with their obligations and live a boring and complex life, but must find a suitable solution and focus on the points on the characters And starting again, 

there are 10 basic tips to improve time management effectively:

1 - Set a schedule and record all your thoughts, commitments and activities with the time allotted for a week

2 - devote every day 50% of your time at least you engage in activities and talk and duties

3 - Put a schedule in which to allocate time for your convenience and break all you need your mind and body need to rest to think again

4. Take the first 30 minutes of each day to develop your business plan

5. Assign a maximum of 5 minutes for each important call to decide what to do

6. When you are fully engaged in your work, place a "no hassle" sign to complete your work as soon as possible

7. Give yourself the chance not to answer your phone or even emails just because it shows you have

8 - Block Facebook or other social media when you are busy with something unless you use it to do your business

9. Remember that you can not get all done and will do if you do not set a schedule

10. Remember that the order of 20% of ideas, activities and commitments will produce 80% of the positive impact on your life

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