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Success in Life 16 signs your success in life even if you do not feel it

As human beings, we may despair at times, which sometimes makes us fail. While this seems natural,

 you must find a way to look successful from another point of view. Sometimes we may overlook 

some small things. You are not a failure just because you are not a millionaire or because you do not 

ride a car of the latest and most expensive models, it does not mean failure in life and here on the site 

of self-esteem we will remind you 16 signs of success in life, albeit partially

  1-Your relationships are less dramatic

If drama appears in your relationship, it is not proof of maturity. The higher the age of man the more

thinking in terms of wisdom and maturity so if

you skip the stage of drama in your relationships,


 indicates your ability to control your mind and

emotions, which means that this success

2. Do not be afraid to ask for help or support:

Asking for help does not mean weakness is really a point of strength, there is no one who can succeed 

alone or hope success is isolated from the people The real success is in how to deal among the 

members of one team to achieve a goal shared by all

3. When you go up with your principles:

When you do not allow yourself to do bad behavior even if all the people are doing it where you fear

 God first and last and do not put people's actions as a measure of your actions this is something you 

should be proud of

4. Stay away from what makes you feel bad:

This is not narcissistic, but if you can love yourself and rise and understand with them, this is a great 

success. Love yourself so that you can get away from everything that does not make you happy you 

deserve more

5. If you like what you see in the mirror:

The ideal situation is that you wonder what you see in the mirror for yourself every time. But even if 

it did not happen and you did not look as you should, but you accept it as it is, it is a success

6. If you learn that failure is part of the path to success:

There is no one who spends 100% of his time to achieve success. Life is where you gain and you

 lose. So you should look at the moments of your failure or retreat as a step towards something better. 
Failure will usually teach you more than success.

7. Have friends who are able to support you:

If you can discover the people around you who can support your back you are certainly successful. 

You must surround yourself with people you trust because betrayal is a difficult feeling


8. Do not complain too much:

There is nothing to complain about in this world. Sure, you may have gone through difficult times 

when you lost things you never expected you would lose, but successful people know that but they 
are patient and grateful later

9. When you rejoice the success of others:

It does not mean that people around you are successful because you are a failed person so you should

 rejoice and praise the success of others and encourage them to make more progress. The more 

positive energy around you, the more it will be in your favor

10. Have passion for perseverance:

You must not make your life stagnant. There must be something you must share. You have talents and

 gifts from us. You have no other than you. You are distinguished in the world.

11. You have a goal you are looking for:

If you do not have a goal that you expect and expect to happen so impatiently you die from the inside 

slowly, successful people always have a goal that drives their passion towards the future so that they 

live the life they want

12. Your goals have been achieved:

Despite his failure, he persevered until he reached his goals, which began to bear fruit and began to

 see victory before his eyes

13. Show empathy with others:

Someone without emotions is a dead person. Passion includes love and positive energy that makes 

you happy and happy the world around you too. Successful people know this so they find everyone 

around them and love them like their families

14. Everyone's love drives them to love you:

Love is dangerous as it is scary for some people but it is something that we always seek for it as it 

contains the fear of rejection but you can overcome this fear and open your heart to love and love 

others is in itself courage leads you to success

15. Refuse to be a victim:

You know that life is not always in your favor, but every time you fail it is added to your experience. 

This is what successful people know. They do not collapse by failure. They stand fast and complete 

their journey. They do not like to take on the victim's role

16. Do not care what others think:

The satisfaction of people is not very aware of the satisfaction of God an end does not leave this old

 rule that should be placed in your eyes so you must maintain the work of the right thing, whatever 

the opinion of people in that

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