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Techniques to combat stress

Techniques to combat stress

None of us are immune to stress, to fight this situation in an effective way, here are seven
techniques that will help you deal with it

Having a sense of humor can help us get rid of stress. While it is certainly difficult to change our personalities, what we can do is learn how to cope with stress

Try to use one of these techniques, and if not one of them tried to use the other
At least try to use two of these techniques to combat stress


One of the most effective ways to fight stress is

 to stay away from the source of tension by


Where studies have shown that stress affects the

proportion of people who do not exercise more

physical activities

Exercise is an effective way to keep away from

our worries and problems, and it relieves many

symptoms of moderate depression
Some researchers believe that repetitive movements such as walking, running, swimming, or cycling are the best

Do not do several things at the same time

Doing a lot of things at the same time, like

answering a phone call, sending an email and

preparing for dinner, can be stressful.

You can put your phone on the answering

machine and take the time to do just one job

Restrain your anger

Anger is harmful and harmful to health and the

 inability to control it is dangerous. When we

feel anger, we have to take a deep breath and ask

ourselves three questions suggested by the

leading researcher in stress management,

Redford Williams;

The first question is, is it important to me? If the answer is no, leave the subject and do not prepare

for it. If yes, ask the second question.

Am I right to be angry at this moment? If the answer is no, you will gradually feel your anger fade. If

your answer is yes, ask the third question.

Can I do something? Imagine that you are behind the steering wheel of your car, and the car in front

 of you are making dangerous movements, and you notice that the driver is writing messages on the mobile.
Squeezing your car firmly will not solve the problem, but it can make it worse, so in this case, the best solution is to take a deep breath and get away from that driver.

The important thing is to find a solution to the problem that is causing us anger and ask another

question, which helps me to stay angry

 Communicate with friends 

Studies by Swedish researchers have shown that people with a wide network of friends are less likely to be infected or have heart attacks.

If you do not have a network of friends, you can compensate by doing some group activities, such as joining groups of water sports or drawing, or maybe you can invite one of your neighbors to drink coffee.

Talk to yourself

If you feel that you are sending negative energy,

try to make your thinking positive and encourag

yourself, if that is by talking to yourself loud to

give it a moral boost.


Laughter helps relieve muscle spasm, and reduces the risk of heart attacks caused by stress. It is hard to laugh when we are in a difficult time,

But we can watch a comedy or read an entertainment book that helps to laugh.

They relaxed

The advice comes from Harvard Professor of Cardiology Herbert Benson, who advocates this technique, relying on an internal mechanism that faces tension.

Benson suggests six simple steps to combat stress :

Choose a quiet place, choose a sitting position that allows you to relax and close your eyes

 From the feet to the face, try to loosen every muscle group in your body. Do all your efforts until you feel that every muscle of your body is relaxed.

 Keeping your eyes closed try to take inspiration and your heart.

 During exhale try to say a word such as "peace", "calm" or a classics of meditation.

 Repeat the word several times, focusing on the breathing process within ten minutes or a quarter of an hour. If you do not have time, a few minutes is enough

 Stay seated for a few minutes, eyes are closed and then open, and try to feel relaxed and relaxed in
your body




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