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lose weight

 lose weight

The topic of weight loss is the subject of the era, as it 

preoccupies many, especially with the high proportion

 of obesity and overweight, and to learn the ways to lose weight, 

we must first know what obesity. Obesity is defined as the 

accumulation of fat in the body to a degree exceeding the level 

to interfere with health, and raise obesity and overweight the 

risk of many chronic diseases and some types of cancer, and 

some gallbladder diseases, respiratory problems, high risk of 
complications of pregnancy and complications during surgery , 
In addition to psychological problems and the social 

  .consequences of obesity and overweight.
Ways to treat obesity Because weight loss is a dream for many, and 

because people are willing to pay money for losing weight, 

unhealthy or unhealthy road marketers will succeed in spreading 

the ways they lose weight, especially if they promise to lose weight 

quickly, While in fact, among the tens of thousands of ways that 

claim to be successful in weight loss, there are few successful ways 

to succeed, and some weight loss methods promoted can not only be ineffective but also dangerous to Human health, and the next comes Some of these solutions are resorted to by many

:Deceptive ways to lose weight

  :Fad diets

There are many fad diets, or so-called fattening fevers or fad diets. These diets attract many people to them with their weight loss. 

They often set excessive targets in weight loss. They also 

recommend diets that are not

nutritionally adequate. Here,

many of

the wrong diets that are promoted are dangerous to health, ranging 

from negative effects such as simple headaches, nausea and 

dizziness, to serious effects that may lead to death,

:Over-the-counter medicines

Many people take over-

the-counter obesity 

drugs, while most of 

these drugs are not approved by the Food and Drug 

Administration, and some may have side effects

:Herbal Products and Dietary Supplements

Many resort to natural products 

or supplements for weight loss, 

while it can be ineffective or 

unsafe If the substance is a 

natural herb, it does not mean it 

is safe, and it can produce many side effects that can be 

dangerous. For example, 

ephedra is commonly used in herbal weight loss products

it has a lot of harm. Many people also use herbs that cause diarrhea

which can be sold in the form of tea for diet, and users of these 

laxatives think they reduce absorption of food and thus work on 

Weight loss, while the absorption of food gets mainly at the top of 

the small intestine, these herbs affect the lower part of the large 

intestine, and the side effects that can be caused by these products 

include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, cramps,These products have 

caused death in rare cases for women who have reduced their intake too much

 : The best way to treat obesity

The most successful and best ways to lose weight are those that 

adopt gradual simple changes, weight loss medium, and the 

development of logical goals, While working on the treatment of 

wrong nutritional behaviors 

gradually, and the method of 


loss must be based on a full 

assessment of the nutritional

 status of 

the individual, and the work of a diet suitable for him According to 

his personal needs, and should give the diet calories lower than 

what a person needs to maintain his weight but without reducing it 

excessively,The diet should contain adequate amounts of all 

nutrients, so calories should not fall below 1200 calories This 

makes it very difficult to provide all the nutrients in the diet. [2] A 

person who follows a weight-loss diet should take fewer portions of 

his diet as the number of meals increases, and low-calorie foods 

should be concentrated, Such as fried foods, and sugary foods. A 

person who seeks weight loss should also exercise 

, And to raise the level of energy (calories) burned by the body, and 
sports contribute to the lifting of burning the body indirectly, and 

by activating the metabolism, and the practice of continuous exercise to improve the proportion of muscles in the body, and 

works muscle tissue to support Increase and continue burning 

calories and losing weight. Sports also regulate appetite, contrary to 

what many believe that sport increases appetite, but it leads to the 

release of energy compounds and raise them in the blood Which 

reduces appetite, and discourages the work of the digestive system, 

so the person does not feel hungry immediately after the sport, but 

he needs to rest after the sport before he feels hungry. Correct 

obesity treatment involves modifying and changing erroneous 

behaviors by identifying these behaviors, developing strategies to 

treat them, and developing alternative behavioral plans in the event 

of failure. The first option should also be considered in nutrition 

therapy strategies that logical targets Realistic, that the changes be 

gradual and that the desire and degree of readiness of the person be 

.....  . taken into consideration 

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