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Secrets of Success

10habits will change your life

10 habits can add to the routine of your life and you will find the big difference in yourself if you keep:

1. Wake up early:

I know how difficult it is to wake up early, especially if your work and lifestyle do not require you to do so, but early waking is one of the most important secrets to higher productivity. There are many studies that suggest that people who wake up early are the most optimistic, Flexibility to solve problems in their work and family relationships.

In addition, waking up early means "extra time" and that means more things you can do to those who complain about lack of time.

If you try the pleasure of being an early bird, you will not abandon it even on your holidays, holidays and travel.

2 - Do something spiritual:

Pray and pray for five minutes without talking to anyone and relax, your connection with a greater power that gives you energy, these five minutes will help you to clean your mind Arrange your thoughts, and then go to what you want to do.

3- Practice Sports every day:

I will not say if you have time, but I'll tell her time allocated.
A lot of people always evade excuses I do not have time or the participation of sports clubs expensive, but daily exercise may not necessarily need both.
You may be in a gym for an hour and maybe just walk in your neighborhood for half an hour, maybe a few minutes in your home!
Exercising will strengthen your body, cleanse your mind, make you more active, better a better psychic, and you may not know much that the body produces the hormone "Endorphins" after you finish them, which makes many (I am one of them) addicted to exercise daily.

4- Read or listen to the book:

Try to read each day a little to finish at least one book every month, and try not to make all your reading readings Fictional fictional but also factual, historical, religious and self-development and mix them moderately.
If you have the "I do not have time" argument, I advise you to "listen" to the audio books while you are doing other things from driving to and from work, during your sports walks, or during your daily chores. Here I suggest audible application from Amazon, To books more than I read The audio books have adapted my lifestyle rather than reading books.

5 - Always learn in your specialty:

Whether you are a doctor, an engineer, a photographer, or a housewife who cares for your children, you always know what you are new to, what you know and want to learn, the latest technology, the latest experiences, the latest cameras, even the best education and never stand in your place.
Many of us believe that he walks and advances in his field as soon as the years pass and the fact that if we go to Wide Shot a wide shot of the scene you will find walking on Tredmill walk in place only.

6 - Choose your surroundings and with whom you spend your time:

There is a study that says that you are equal to the rate of the five most people spend your time with them, if they were lazy and idle will be like them, although they are the owners of vision and ambition will be like them, and this includes everything Style of dress How to talk the quality of food that you eat Method of speech and way of thinking, I choose, you own yourself and your own decision if you really want it.

7 - Look for inspiration and feed your imagination:

See one letter from Ted every day to inspire you, read in diverse locations and learn about what's new around you, follow successful and inspiring personalities in social media, read about influential stories of history and learn from their experiences, do at least one of these things in every A day if you can, you will not take more than five minutes of your time but will move inside you and your imagination a lot and will revive your concern.

8- Make yourself a leisure time

Do not neglect the entertainment and enjoyment of your life. Play video games If you love it, go to the cinema and watch a new film if you love watching movies like me, but I love the industry too, get out with your friends who enjoy them, play football with your friends, get out with If you go out on a picnic for a natural place, do what you love. This is important for you and your company, but do not forget to be balanced and prioritize always.

9 - Learn something new:

Learn English if you are not yet proficient. It is a gateway to many sciences and knowledge you will not be able to get without it. Learn to swim, learn horseback, learn how to read the Koran, learn knitting, learn how to prepare sushi, learn montage, learn how to plant in your garden, learn to play On the piano, learning anything in the vicinity of your important interest is to learn anything new always, learn from it what you do not expect, and keep your spirit, heart and mind in constant renewal.

10 - Travel if you can as much as you can:

Let the world dazzle you with all its beauty and diversity, get to know the people with their different styles and habits, visit new places, learn about the history of the country and civilizations, visit them and watch their present, ignorance or progress, try their food and please do not eat McDonald's on Sultanahmet Street in Istanbul Do not eat the "inverted" at Times Square in New York, experience the full details of the experience and will learn a lot and will become every time a "human" travel more than before you see what brings us together as human beings do not differentiate us.

10 habits that are only suggestions from my personal experience in my life, 10 habits you may add to the routine of your life You also may see in yourself the impact of the great positive, you will love yourself more and appreciate it as it seeks every day to be better and will feel a state of balance and satisfaction.

And remember the end that you are the first sergeant on yourself, always calculating yourself and values ​​and always strive to develop it, nothing of what I say will benefit you if you did not choose yourself to change and evolve from yourself.


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